Thursday, August 06, 2020


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Sharing the sensitivity expressed by UNESCO, several people and institutions meet together on METALINGUA UNESCO foundation with the belief of being able to contribute an organized endeavor towards the protection of the linguistic richness.

Since nowadays the situation is the opposite one, the Foundation is very conscious about the effort that means Humanity advance on tongues protection. This demands, first of all, decreasing and stopping the current tendency of tongue replacement, so that we can pass to minority tongues positive development stages.

Analyzing the essential competences and resources contributed by its members, the Foundation has considered as an objective to raise the linguistics heritage development UNESCO project on the Digital Society field.

This specialization of the Foundation will allow analyzing the particular factors of linguistics substitutions that act in the Information society, or rather on Information Societies.

In the information world, Globalization is even more intense, placing some majority tongues in higher levels (in quantity of published information) than speaker's levels. Even European tongues, which have dozens of millions of speakers are placed in a weak and minor position.

However, Globalization leads also a connection among minority tongues and provides the opportunity to access to huge information contents which can make possible a new impulse for these tongues.

METALINGUA UNESCO foundation's objective is therefore to work for the Information Society linguistic diversity benefit.

The Metalingua Unesco Foundation preserves and spreads Multilingua maternal as a heritage of all mankind.